Social media campaign launches on World Water Day

Frank Water is asking people to join in a social media conversation aimed at raising awareness of water and sanitation problems in India and Nepal.

Joe Lepper | 22nd Mar 19
Anita Rani

A charity has launched a social media campaign on World Water Day (March 22) to highlight the plight of families across the world who have to spend up to six hours a day collecting clean drinking water.

Bristol based FRANK Water funds water and sanitation programmes in India and Nepal and is asking the public to get involved in an online conversation on what they would miss out on if they had to spend six hours a day collecting water.

In areas with poor access to clean water it is often women and girls who have to spend up hours a day carrying and cleaning water to make it safe to drink.

It is hoped the campaign, which is using the hashtag #6hours, will raise £10,000 to improve clean water access and sanitation to 1,000 people living in marginalised communities in India and Nepal.

Capturing people’s attention

“The #6 hours campaign centres around a simple statistic which we’re hoping will capture people’s attention and encourage them to get involved,” said FRANK Water Founder and Chief Executive Officer Katie Alcott.

“It’s really straightforward – use your phone to film yourself saying what you would miss, post the video on social media and tag FRANK Water.

“Don’t forget to use the #6 hours hashtag and ask others to join the conversation by sharing what they’d miss! Once you’ve posted, head to our website to make a donation that will give the gift of time to women and girls in India and Nepal.”

Among those backing the campaign is TV presenter and FRANK Water patron Anita Rani, who features in a #6hours promotional video made by the charity.