Upcoming Webinars

How to make the most of social media in 2020

From 13th Feb 20, 13:00
To 13th Feb 20, 14:00

The beginning of a new year sparks new trends in an ever-evolving social environment. So, what does the new year hold for your organisation? How can you be more effective on social media? And how can you remain relevant in a growing cluster of digital noise? We’re joined by Tereza Lista from social media platform […]

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Charity Digital 2020 trends

The Top 5 Digital Trends to Dominate 2020

From 30th Jan 20, 13:00
To 30th Jan 20, 14:00

About the Webinar: As we enter a new decade that promises to be the most innovative yet, we thought it best to kick off our 2020 webinar program with a look at the top digital trends that will dominate the year. There have been as many as 50 tech trends prospected for 2020 but we’ve […]

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Past Webinars

How to get charity leaders to take cyber security seriously

From 14th Nov 19, 13:00
To 14th Nov 19, 14:00

The final webinar in the series with the National Cyber Security Centre will build upon their workshop delivered at the 2019 Charity Digital Tech Conference in February.   “An excellent overview of security and how easy it is to introduce into an organisation.”  Every organisation needs to be cyber aware, so whether you’re a leader […]

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9 ways your charity can spam-proof its email marketing

From 24th Oct 19, 13:00
To 24th Oct 19, 14:00

It’s widely thought that around 25% of all emails sent by charities never make it to the intended recipient. With words like FREE, DONATE and GIVE charity email marketers are finding it harder and harder to pass through the strict spam filters of most inboxes. We will be hosting our very own webinar with Charity […]

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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital: Take your first step to becoming HMRC compliant

From 22nd Aug 19, 13:00
To 22nd Aug 19, 14:00

From 1st October 2019, all UK charities will be required to submit their taxes through HMRC compliant software, as part of the “Making Tax Digital” initiative. The initiative requires organisations to submit their tax returns and payments online while also keeping digital records of their taxes. As a charity ourselves, we understand the pain points […]

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Want to drive more donations? Get to know your audience

From 15th Aug 19, 13:00
To 15th Aug 19, 14:00

With more ways than ever before to engage with supporters, funders, and beneficiaries, digital marketing is evolving beyond the traditional methods of social media, email marketing and paid advertising. We’ve teamed up with digital tech experts Acquia to bring you a webinar that highlights how any charity can increase their fundraising with digital marketing 2.0. […]

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cyber security regime

Prevention is better than the cure: Is your charity doing enough to protect from cyber attacks?

From 18th Jul 19, 13:00
To 18th Jul 19, 14:00

44% of charities aren’t protecting themselves from cyber attacks because they simply don’t see themselves at risk, leaving them vulnerable to costly security breaches (the average cost of a cyber breach to a charity in 2019 is nearly 10k). On Thursday 18th July we were joined with NCSC to talk you through some of the precautions […]

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From security to spending: Confronting your cloud concerns

From 27th Jun 19, 13:00
To 27th Jun 19, 14:00

Our recent survey revealed that 31% of charities don’t use cloud technologies because they see little or no perceived benefit. So we’ve teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to cut through the jargon and bring you a free webinar addressing concerns, highlighting benefits and sharing use cases for moving your charity to the cloud. The genuine benefits […]

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Internal Data GDPR Compliant

HR: the GDPR risks that could catch your charity out

From 20th Jun 19, 13:00
To 20th Jun 19, 14:00

It’s been over a year since GDPR came into force, but what impact have the new regulations had in reality? With 2018 seeing the biggest ever fines issued by the ICO, Charities are under increasing pressure to protect both their finances and their reputation from a GDPR breach. GDPR demands proper and protected handling of personal data, which includes the […]

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Leveraging the power of personalisation for your charity’s social media

From 16th May 19, 13:00
To 16th May 19, 14:00

An improved understanding of your audience and your content goals can help your charity be more effective on social media and engage the right people at the right time. On Thursday 16th May at 1 pm Charity Digital was joined by non-profit social media experts Lightful. They shared tips on how to include effective personalisation in your social […]

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Office 365 teams

Bringing People and Workflows Together to Enable Teamwork

From 30th Apr 19, 13:00
To 30th Apr 19, 14:00

On Tuesday 30th April at 1pm Microsoft invites charities to discover the impact they could make with Microsoft Teams, in this free webinar, especially for non-profit organisations. If you haven’t used Teams, this is your chance to find out what Microsoft’s newest collaboration platform as part of Office 365 can do, and learn from the charities already simplifying […]

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Risk Management

Cyber Security: Setting up your charity’s risk management regime

From 9th May 19, 13:00
To 9th May 19, 14:00

On 9th May at 1 PM, join the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) for the third in their series of exclusive cyber security webinars for charities. The last session talked charities through the five things they can do to protect from the most common cyber attacks. This session delves further into the policies and regimes that […]

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Improving Employee Collaboration in the Cloud

From 3rd Apr 19, 14:30
To 3rd Apr 19, 15:30

We’re joined by Microsoft experts to explore how your charity can make the most out of Microsoft Office 365’s collaboration tools for your charity. Microsoft Office 365 is designed with powerful collaboration features built-in that can help you discover new ways of working and getting things done as a team or an organisation. The webinar […]

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Embracing Diversity

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace with Technology

From 9th Apr 19, 15:00
To 9th Apr 19, 16:00

On Tuesday 9th April at 3pm tune in to the experts from Microsoft and discover how technology is helping to level the playing field for those with disabilities. Your charity’s employees, volunteers, community members and potential supporters need to be able to work together and have full access to information without any limitations. That’s why Microsoft’s accessibility […]

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Managing Volunteer and Donor Information using CRM Software

From 16th Apr 19, 13:00
To 16th Apr 19, 14:00

On Tuesday 16th April at 1pm join the team at Microsoft to discover how to drive impact and efficiency by better managing your CRM data. Knowing how to make full use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help charities more effectively understand the different interactions and relationships they undertake, free up valuable resources and streamline their operations to […]

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Image shows birds talking on a wire, representing Tweeting

Lightful: Social media best practice for charities

From 28th Mar 19, 13:00
To 28th Mar 19, 14:00

On Thursday 28th March at 1pm we’ll be collaborating with Lightful for a second time. This webinar will cover the best practices for the most popular social media platforms. Improve your understanding of each social media platform to create a more successful social media presence. Find out the best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and […]

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Non-tech leaders

Digital leadership for the non-technical leader

From 21st Mar 19, 13:00
To 21st Mar 19, 14:00

On Thursday 21st March at 1 pm join Penny Power to learn how your charity can build valuable digital skills and implement front and back-office tools to boost productivity, online engagement and team dynamics, whatever your level of technical understanding. In this webinar Penny will reveal the four personalities that should be in a charity team and the […]

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Image shows a woman teaching her team

People first: how to manage a successful charity digital transformation

From 13th Mar 19, 13:00
To 13th Mar 19, 14:00

On Wednesday 13th March at 1pm Carolyn Nutkins, Director of Organisational Development at Parkinson’s UK, offered the inside story on the charity’s three-year journey towards digital maturity. She will talk viewers through the strategies and projects that are being used to bring Parkinson’s UK from a position of lack of investment in infrastructure and low digital […]

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Image shows charity leader at at event

Zoe Amar: The 7 lessons of digital leadership

From 1st Mar 19, 13:00
To 1st Mar 19, 14:00

On Friday 1st March at 1pm we’ll be collaborating with Zoe Amar to provide practical advice on digital leadership. Whatever your charity’s size or level of digital maturity, learn from Zoe’s experience as a digital leader. Zoe will also draw from the Charity Digital Code of Practice and include examples from charities who have driven successful digital innovation and […]

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social media webinar

Content Planning 101: Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

From 31st Jan 19, 13:00
To 31st Jan 19, 14:00

For the second webinar in the series we’re collaborating with social media experts Lightful. Explore how a clearly defined content calendar can help you achieve more and the tools to help you. This practical webinar will provide step-by-step guidance on how you can build your content calendar, keep organised and maintain balance between scheduled and real-time posting. […]

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cyber security webinar

Keeping your Charity Cyber Secure

From 24th Jan 19, 13:00
To 24th Jan 19, 14:00

For the first webinar in our series, we’re collaborating with NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) to help charities with all things cyber security. Find out more about: Why the charity sector is at risk of cyber attacks Who the sector is at risk from The types of attacks the sector is at risk from Many cyber […]

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