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Fundraising 3.0 – Turning social data into repeat donations

There’s a lot of attention in the media about the new generation of online activity – dubbed Web 3.0 – which is the next step of the evolution of the internet and web applications. As emerging trends come into play, whether it’s more intuitive searching or viewing the internet through different devices, we’re seeing this transition prompt new terminology in the third sector – that of Fundraising 3.0.

Charities are being called on to adopt new ‘Fundraising 3.0’ approaches – that go beyond email marketing and social media campaigns, and are based on the analysis of donor behaviour. But are organisations are ready to take full advantage of these opportunities?

A new white paper from Advanced NFP covers the evolution of the digital age, looking at current hurdles and issues such as the role of social media in driving donations. It’s designed to provide a snapshot of some of the current topics and barriers that organisations are facing, in a very practical manner.

It also includes a check list to help charities review whether they have maximised opportunities in the digital age to date, and so are deemed to be ready to make the move to embrace new ‘Fundraising 3.0’ strategies.

Download a copy of the Fundraising 3.0 whitepaper below:

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