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Comic Relief trusts Cisco – from donation to deposit

Since its founding in 1985, Comic Relief has become one of the world’s most successful and respected charities. Last Red Nose Day alone raised over £80 million, and Sport Relief which takes place in alternate years, raised over £40 million in 2010.

As a charity, Comic Relief works hard to keep costs to a minimum, so that money donated by the public is spent on charitable projects in the UK and worldwide. Red Nose Day is one of the busiest and most concentrated fundraising events in the world, culminating in a seven
hour night of live fun and comedy on BBC One. In 2009, to support the massive response from the public, over 15,000 volunteers staffed more than 12,000 phone lines in 147 call centres nationwide – all mapping into a single virtual centre.

During that event nearly 1,000,000 people phoned, went online or used interactive tv to make a donation. And every single one of these transactions was processed by a Cisco enabled technical platform. Dealing with that volume of transactions is a huge challenge. Making a donation may be an emotional action, but the process still has to be fast and efficient.

Download the full white paper below to find out why Comic Relief trusts Cisco’s application acceleration infrastructure to manage its Red Nose Day project.