Is ignoring AI the charity sector’s biggest tech mistake?

It’s still early days for most in the charity sector, but the truth is artificial intelligence is now far from being just a buzzword. Experts are saying that artificial intelligence will shape society more than any other technology in the next few decades, so why would the third sector be any exception? However, it’s not […]

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Digital Ethics podcast

Safeguarding the sector: designing digital ethics for your charity

The Charity Digital Podcast returns for a series of three episodes focusing on the sometimes-neglected topic of digital ethics. As an introduction to our discussion of digital ethics, this episode breaks down the broader subject into three areas: digital, data and technology. Charities have adopted the principle of ‘do no harm’ into their field operations. […]

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Mobilising - mobile

Do you need a digital strategy?

We’re joined in the studio by Vince Gatrick, Claire Tavernier, Owen Pringle and Rob Cade for a real discussion about the 52% of charities who don’t have a digital strategy, and ask the question – do you need a digital strategy or should digital be part of your wider organisational strategy? About our guests: Claire […]

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Charity Digital Podcast 2

Tackling Inclusion Part 2: Unprepared Vs Prepared Organisations

Following on from part 1 of our inclusion podcast series, Rabia Fazil and Collette Philip Keen are back with guest host Susheila Juggapah to discuss examples of what happens when organisations aren’t prepared for the challenges of inclusion. We also highlight the charities and individuals that are embracing the issue and providing a leading light […]

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Charity Digital Podcast: Tackling inclusion in the charity sector

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people are not only underrepresented in the charity sector, but many are reporting alarming instances of prejudice, whether unconscious or more deliberate, that are holding them back in their careers. Why? And what can we as a sector do to progress the debate constructively and work towards fixing the inclusion […]

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