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Why off the shelf is a tough fit

Are you a charity decision-maker seeking to capitalise on the growing interest from the public in online donating, personal fundraising and social media engagement?

Off the shelf IT and software packages can appear like a convenient solution for your charity. However, many fundraising organisations have become aware of the limitations of such packages.

In many cases off the shelf packages provide only a compromise solution, offering more generalised and often non-industry specific tools. This functionality has been created for various categories of customers, as opposed to you and your organisation alone.

Again, updates are also created for a wide remit of user, and not necessarily you. As well as often not being wanted these updates may even end up being counter-productive. With such a tough fit it’s hard to develop a unique business advantage over your competitors, and deliver on your ambitious online fundraising goals.

Instead of adapting your charity’s goals and work processes to fit a general package that has been developed for a mass market, why not consider bespoke IT that has been developed for your charity and your charity only?

Xperedon offers charities bespoke IT systems and industry-specific solutions built around precise requirements and organisational goals.

Xperedon’s cloud-based solutions can be fully integrated with existing systems and can help streamline all aspects of your online fundraising, marketing and reporting operations.

Our custom-made solutions are already in use and appreciated by leading organisations around the world. Why not follow the links to our website and find out more about purpose built charity IT that can transform your online performance, and turn your digital activity into a real competitive advantage.