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Why an industry specific partner is the right choice

The link between investment in quality IT solutions and long-term business growth and performance is well known.

Industry-specific IT tools and solutions that are designed to meet your requirements and operate to work with your organisation’s goals and work processes offer greater long-term value and provide you with a unique competitive advantage.

The fundraising sector in keeping with the business community has not been slow to understand the benefits of such custom built solutions. Many leading fundraising organisations are choosing bespoke software, web and IT systems to meet the needs of their organisation and their organisation alone.

As well as the return on investment that custom industry-specific solutions generate over time, the ease of use for employees of a purpose built solution can provide specific productivity benefits too. Bespoke solutions can be integrated into existing systems and can be altered and adapted to meet future plans and requirements, and scaled up as an organisation grows. Customers choosing an industry-specific partner can also expect higher standards of customer care, as well as ongoing expert technical support from a specialist partner.

The digital landscape is radically transforming charity fundraising and engagement as we know it. Fortunately to keep up with this frenetic pace of innovation, bespoke applications can be developed to meet all your customised requirements, and help you meet the demands of the present as well as the future.

Xperedon’s bespoke web IT systems, donation and engagement tools are all provided with user-friendly online access via a secure cloud-based platform. Our cloud-based services offer sophisticated and comprehensive functionality, including integrated payment processing, pre-approved merchant accounts, multiple currency handling, reporting, and multi-channel engagement tools, developed around your requirements.

Rest assured all Xperedon’s purpose built industry-specific services benefit from around the clock back up from our dedicated programming team, including expert technical analysis and support whenever you need it. Our high-tech specialised solutions are built to work for you. Why not find out more?