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Azzurri to deliver converged voice and data solution for PDSA

PDSA, the animal charity that provides free veterinary services to those in need, has enlisted Azzurri Communications to deliver a single managed network solution as part of its drive to modernise its infrastructure.

Azzurri will connect PDSA’s 50+ hospitals, 180+ retail shops, head office and regional offices to its Intelligent Cloud Optimised Network (ICON) in order to combine the charity’s previously separate voice and data networks into a single resilient network, overarched by an Azzurri managed service. ICON is Azzurri’s state-of-the-art core network that facilitates highly resilient, secure and scalable network solutions for its customers. In addition to the cost savings of acquiring two services from the same supplier, PDSA will benefit from a single point-of-contact for its networking needs, in addition to significantly enhanced resilience, security and scalability.

Janusz Parylo, Head of IT and Digital Technology at PDSA said: “We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Azzurri since the company first deployed our VoIP system in 2010. The quality of their work to date combined with the strength of their proposal gives us confidence that we have made the right decision. We were particularly impressed that Azzurri really took the time to understand our needs. Furthermore, we have established a close working relationship with regular face-to-face meetings with our account management and technical teams who understand our environment.”