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100th charity retailer chooses Cybertill charity system

Lakelands Hospice, in Northamptonshire, has become Cybertill’s 100th charity retail customer, as it has chosen to install Cybertill to manage its two charity shops.

Almost one in every three charity shops in the UK currently use Cybertill, ranging from individual charity shops to larger regional hospices and some of the largest national charity retailers.

Retail has become increasingly important to charities since the economic downturn. For many retail has become their primary or fastest growing source of fund raising. This is evident in the growing number of charity shops on the UK’s high streets, there are now in excess of 10,000 in the UK. Another key reason for retail being so attractive to charities is the ability to claim gift aid on donated items.

To manage their retail estates and gift aid many charities, well 100 to be exact, have invested in Cybertill’s best-of-breed charity retail system. It marries Cybertill’s EPoS system and unique gift aid software. It is the simplest and fastest way of selling gift aided goods and is 100% accurate, the system eradicates all missed gift aid sales and enables real time stock control on all donated stock items and bought in goods.

“After extensive research we thought Cybertill was the best charity retail system available. It will help streamline our retail operations and also optimise revenues,” commented Paul Marlow, Lakelands Hospice Fundraising Manager.

“Reaching a hundred charity retail customers is something of a milestone for Cybertill, and to help celebrate this feat we are donating £1,000 to Lakelands Hospice,” commented Ian Tomlinson, Cybertill founder and CEO. “It also re-emphasises Cybertill’s position as the number one charity retail system in the UK.”

Image details: Left to Right: Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill, presents a cheque to Paul Marlow and Angie Cherry of Lakelands Hospice, who are Fundraising Manager and Retail Manager respectively.