Tony Walsh releases poem online to help Manchester children’s hospital

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity’s latest appeal features a poem showcasing its role in the local community, which has been written and performed by Tony Walsh.

Joe Lepper | 3rd Jan 20
image of Tony Walsh

The Manchester poet Tony Walsh is appearing in a 10-minute online video with his poem Every Child Counts to raise funds for the city’s children’s hospital.

In 2018 Walsh reached a global audience with his poem This is the Place, an inspirational ode to Manchester following the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. This was performed live from the city’s Albert Square.

In his latest move he has released the specially written poem Every Child Counts to fundraise for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

This is being shown from this week on the charity’s website as well as its Youtube channel

The poem focuses on the hospital’s vital role in the Manchester community and its help for children. This includes Walsh showing viewers the hospital as well as footage of those working there.

Digital fundraising

The video, together with a prominent Donate Now button, has taken over the charity’s homepage. The donation page offers people the chance to donate £5 to £100, or even more if they wish.

“We’ve teamed up with Tony Walsh to showcase everything that makes our hospital so special, from our fantastic staff and amazing supporters to our courageous patients, wonderful families and friends,” said the charity.

Walsh performs his poetry under the stage name Longfella.