10 charity digital resolutions for 2020

New year’s resolutions are an opportunity to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t for charities and stride into 2020 with fresh new ideas.

Chloe Green | 31st Dec 19
charity digital resolutions

As we enter a new decade, it’s time to look back on its lessons. To round up 2019, we reflect on the great digital principles shown by charities – and how these can carry over into 2020 and beyond.

Here are our top 10 charity digital resolutions:


Define your digital strategy

If there’s one thing charities should take away from the past year, it’s probably this: ensure you have a strategy for digital.

Take a listen to our recent podcast with charity experts who discuss how to build digital into your charity’s purpose.

Also worth a read is our eBook: ‘A step-by-step guide to digital strategy design.’


Be more data-driven

According to the 2019 Charity Digital Skills Report, 59% of charities want to make more effective use of data and 48% wish to use it to improve service delivery.

Here are eight things you can start doing now to make data more effective for your cause.


Understand the benefits of AI

In 2019, we’ve shown more and more how machine learning is seeing applications in the charity sector. We’re seeing a democratisation of the tools and services to derive the maximum impact from data, so it’s no longer a pipe dream for even the smallest charity. Keep your eye out for charity success stories like these that might be able to replicate.


Get mobile

While it’s not the right approach for everyone, you may want to consider mobilising your workforce. With the right remote working strategy in place, it can really help boost staff productivity and change the nature of how you work for the better.


Prioritise cyber security

There really is no excuse to still be leaving your organisation’s data vulnerable.

Keep your organisation safe with our 2020 cyber security checklist, and take a look at this comprehensive list of cyber security tools for charities, from anti-virus to password management.


Experiment with contactless donation

No longer just a novelty, in 2019 we’ve seen even more charities get behind the benefits of contactless donation. Cashless payment points are becoming more creative as charities think of ways to tell their stories and make them more interactive – we will definitely will be seeing more of this in the years to come.


Explore social media platforms

Heard of TikTok? Reddit? Nextdoor? Your potential audience might.

We recently heard how the ‘TikTok for Good’ initiative is gathering momentum with younger charity supporters, and looked into how the newborn video platform is already partnering with charities’ fundraising efforts.

We are also seeing the increased popularity of local, niche and lesser known social platforms which could help charities speak straight to the people most interested in their cause.


Forge strategic partnerships

Could 2020 be the year your charity makes an important connection?

Collaborating with tech vendors and those with valuable IT skills can be a win-win strategy that helps charities extend their reach, raise funds with new audiences and foster new ideas, as we have seen in 2019.
Charities are increasingly thinking outside of the box and even looking to join forces with other charities online to share skills, give their brands extra leverage and work together towards common aims.


Let digital influencers do the hard work

The growing trend of influencer marketing just goes to show the impact that social media now has.

We recently covered how charities can leverage the online magnetism of digital influencers to piggy back on their popularity when promoting your cause.


Get out more

Charity Digital is running its second big conference in March. Aimed at helping charities to #BeMoreDigital, the conference offers a day of learning and inspiration from experts and charities including Mencap and charity:water.