Keep your email marketing alive between Christmas and New Year!

The period between Christmas and the New Year doesn’t need to be a dead letter office – here’s a few tips on marketing during people’s downtime

Charity Digital | 20th Dec 19
Email Marketing over Christmas and New Years

The period between Christmas and New Year is a great opportunity to send out a campaign or two to keep up the momentum that your email marketing campaigns have gained throughout the year and show your audience that you are thinking of them at this festive time.

Campaigns that work well between Christmas and New Year are personalised ones of encouragement, best wishes, appreciation, the year’s achievements, how you have reached your goals, how much you have raised with your supporters help, future plans and ones that wish your audience a bright and Happy New Year.

Be prepared for the holidays being a bit of a wildcard since they don’t follow the typical timing rules. During the Christmas season, open rates dip on December 22: a trend that follows through until after the start of the New Year. Due to the majority of people being preoccupied with the festive holiday and travel plans, there’s a notable decline of click-through rates of 42 percent on Christmas Eve and 72 percent on Christmas Day.


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Open rates remain low throughout the beginning of the New Year. Between January 5 and January 8, engagement starts to jump by about 12 percent as people have a lot of email clutter to sort through once they start checking in again.

So, if you’re thinking of sending New Happy Year’s greetings, do this between Christmas and New Year, avoiding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Delaying the sending of your campaigns until the first week of January might just put your emails at the bottom of the pile!

This week you’ll still got time to think about appealing content, create your emails and schedule them to go over between Christmas and New Year. Be strategic about the subject line and content and timing as well as this is crucial to optimising click-through rates. Whilst it’s always important to not overload subscribers, data shows that people are willing to open emails and read your campaigns especially if these are short in nature and inviting.

So, go ahead and don’t drop your email marketing engagement with your subscribers over the next few weeks.  Show them that you wholeheartedly appreciate their support and wish them very Happy Holidays!


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