The best Charity Digital webinars of 2019

12 Days of ‘Best Of’: We take a look back at the free webinars for charities that have provided inspiration and advice in 2019

Chloe Green | 17th Dec 19
best charity digital webinars of 2019 best charity digital webinars of 2019

As we gear up for the festive season, we are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, as well as the best in digital achievement, with 12 days of ‘Best Of’ lists. Covering everything related to the charity tech sector, join us every day for new ‘Best Of’ lists. This one focuses on webinars.

Webinars can be a great source of online learning for time-strapped charity professionals looking to level up their skills and understanding, hear from experts and successful peers, and put their burning questions to those in the know, without the need to travel or payout for conference tickets.

If you’ve missed Charity Digital’s free webinars with experts that we have run throughout the year, we round up five of the most interesting below. They’re still available to watch online, with a wide range of different topics covering how charities can drive their missions with digital.


In it together – using digital partnerships to drive your fundraising goals

Who’s in it

WWF joined Charity Digital for an exclusive behind the scenes look at how they leverage strategic partnerships for fundraising, in this webinar as part of Digital Fundraising Day. Dan Murray, Senior Partnership Development Manager and Karolina Piotrowska, Partnership Communications Manager take the mic.

What it covers

WWF has had great success in partnering with commercial organisations who share similar strategic goals to talk to new audiences, strengthen their messaging and expand their supporter base.

In this free charity webinar, they explain how partnerships can strategically align your purpose to organisational goals. Whatever size your organisation, they talk through some successful examples and how to replicate their approach.

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Content planning 101: creating a social media content calendar

Who’s in it

Charity social media experts Lightful run various digital strategy and digital media services for charities to help them be more effective online. They also provide a free bespoke charity social media management platform for campaign planning and scheduling. Lightful’s Ian Hurlock, Customer Success Manager, and Tereza Litsa host.

What it covers

This practical webinar gives a step-by-step walkthrough on how charities can plan their social media content calendars ahead of time, and maintain the ideal balance between scheduled and real-time posting that will keep things engaging but strategic.


Want to drive more donations? Get to know your audience

Who’s in it

Nigel Taylor, Senior Solutions Consultant from digital tech experts Acquia, talks charities through some tips on successful online fundraising strategy in the ‘digital marketing 2.0’ era.

What it covers

The online world changes very, very fast. Fortunately for charities, webinars like this one can help them quickly get to grips with new and evolving concepts, such as personalisation, that are redefining how organisations understand and speak to their audiences.


People first: How to manage a successful charity digital transformation

Who’s in it

Parkinsons UK’s Carolyn Nutkins is a senior board level HR and Organisation Development practitioner with over 20 years’ experience, including 11 as Director of Organisational Development at Parkinson’s UK.

What it covers

Digital transformation can be great on paper, but bringing in all-new tech tools can cause people a lot of hassle and frustration day to day. Parkinsons UK is one such charity that has gone through a wholesale three-year digital transformation and come out with sanity intact and staff applauding the change. How? With a focus on ‘people first’, as Nutkins explains.


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Digital leadership for the non-technical leader

Who’s in it

Penny Power OBE has been in tech for her entire career but still identifies with feeling overwhelmed when new technology becomes a critical skill in business – she’s here to share her wisdom and answer lots of questions.

What it covers

Another look at digital transformation, this time guided by the charismatic and entertaining Penny Power OBE. She takes the angle that absolutely anyone can build valuable digital skills in a charity – it’s about empowering them in the way that caters to their individual personalities.