Digital service design focus of ‘modern day fable’ for charities

The fable has been written as part of digital skills partnership Catalyst’s mission to improve the use of technology in the charity sector.

Joe Lepper | 10th Dec 19
modern day fable design

A ‘modern day fable’ to teach charity workers about the benefits of digital technology has been launched.

The downloadable story aims to present the benefits of embracing digital technology in an accessible way through one charity worker’s search for ways to use digital to improve her organisation’s work.

The story is written over 34 pages, takes around 30 minutes to read and focuses on principles around digital service design.

This includes tips on understanding users, developing chatbots and website design.

The modern day fable has been written by Joe Roberson, Content Lead at Digital Spark for Catalyst, the, the tech skills partnership set up by digital social change charity CAST with £1.6m in government funding in July.

Roberson said that the “story is about people, not technical stuff”.

He added: “Our heroine is a young charity worker. She’s desperate to learn but can’t find anyone to teach her. So she goes on a journey with the mysterious digital wizard.

“Revelations abound and she learns the three secrets of digital service design, which she brings back as gifts to share with others.”

Accessible and practical

Among those in the sector to have read the fable are Penny Yewers, Comic Relief’s Social Tech Senior Advisor, who said it is “a rich, accessible and very practical guide to user-centred design in the charity sector”.

NCVO Director of Strategy and Transformation Megan Griffith-Gray said it is “a fun and accessible story that beautifully convers the secrets of designing digital services. Great if you’re new to charity digital”.

Digital Spark is a collaboration of experts set up to test new approaches to help Catalyst’s work. It is funded by Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.