Updated: New eBook helps charities boost their end-of-year fundraising campaigns

A new seven step toolkit to help charities make the most of the year-end giving period has been released by charity software partner Blackbaud Europe.

Chloe Green | 5th Dec 19
New eBook helps charities boost their end-of-year fundraising campaigns

Download the full eBook – The End-of-Year Fundraising Toolkit 2019 – here

December is a peak time of year for the fundraising efforts of many charities. Many fundraising initiatives are centred around the new year or religious holidays around December. Giving Tuesday is an entire day centred around fundraising, that takes place on the 3rd of December. This year’s event saw over 420 million impressions on Twitter, and received support from Sir Ian McKellan and Michelle Obama.

In total, over 17% of all giving in 2018 took place in December, making it the biggest month of the year for fundraising. The festive season lends itself to a number of specially-tailored fundraising initiatives. The holiday period inspires many supporters to donate and support causes that they may not interact with during the rest of the year. December is a fantastic opportunity to launch digital fundraising initiatives, but you need to set your campaign with clear goals and objectives in mind.

The End-of-Year Fundraising Toolkit 2019, the latest eBook from Blackbaud Europe, can help you to do that. It contains updated advice, statistics and techniques to help charities plan their December 2019 fundraising campaign and make the most of the last month of the year.

The step-by-step guide covers everything from setting goals and building a strategy, to determining your messaging and making a compelling ask, and even going multichannel with your fundraising campaigns.

The eBook explores techniques for testing and evaluating the technology that supports your activity, as auditing the data you hold on existing supporters and collect from new donors. This can help you to create enriched records and prevent siloing within your organisation, allowing you to tailor your efforts as efficiently as possible to your supporters.

Once your campaign is complete, the guide also outlines techniques for cultivating supporters throughout the year to help you kickstart your 2020 activity.

Here is a sneak peek at the seven steps to fundraising success outlined in the eBook:


The seven steps for end-of-year fundraising success


1. Setting goals and building your strategy

Where to start – fundraising strategy needs to be your guiding force.

2. Database and testing

Once you have goals, learn to achieve them up with data and technology.

3. Determining your mission

Take donor-centrism to the next level by framing supporters as the heroes of your mission.

4. Telling your story

Support your efforts by builder stronger connections with your audience through storytelling.

5. Going multichannel

Don’t limit yourself to just one solicitation channel.

6. Steward new and re-engaged donors

Learn to steward your donors all year round and fortify your relationships.

7. Review and checklist

Review your plans and make sure you’re poised for success.


You can download the full eBook for free today.