Digital Fundraising Day Recap – Platforms

The second in a three-part series recapping the webinars, podcasts and videos from Digital Fundraising Day 2019. This week’s recap covers platforms.

Aidan Paterson | 2nd Dec 19
Digital Fundraising Day 2019 Recap

Digital Fundraising Day took place on Thursday the 7th of November. We welcomed a panel of charity leaders and digital thought leaders for an informative day of webinars, podcasts and videos highlighting the present importance and future impact of digital fundraising. The day saw a great online turnout, but those of you who missed it can catch up with highlights and content from the day on our digital fundraising day page.


Digital Fundraising Platforms

One of the themes that emerged throughout the day was that of digital fundraising platforms. You can find an introduction to the subject in our Digital Fundraising Day ebook – ‘The Future of Making Money for Charities in a Digital Age’.


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As part of Digital Fundraising Day, we created a video review of the best online funding platforms for charities. This covered some of the biggest online fundraising platforms, as well as smaller, more bespoke options that can benefit charities that require more digital fundraising support.

Larger organisations such as Justgiving and GoFundMe have raised billions of dollars for thousands of charities. Both platforms have waived platform fees so that more of your donation ends up in the charity’s coffers. 


Total £s to Charity on £10 Donation (With Gift Aid)

  1.  GIVEY











In 2019 Comic Relief took donations in-house and built a serverless donation platform. This not only made donation easier but saved 93% in hosting costs. The platform handles fundraising year-round, but most importantly it can handle ‘Night of TV’ levels of transaction any day of the year without the prohibitively high hosting costs associated with the previous platform.

They covered the transition in our ‘how to make more by spending less’ Q&A. Product Lead Caroline Rennie spoke about the ‘build vs buy’ dilemma, concluding – why create your own platform when you could use an established platform cheaply? Rather than having to pay for a suite of servers, they can use a cloud-based technology platform with lower hosting costs.

Other platforms may be able to offer a wider range of support to smaller charities. Localgiving (a platform specialising in local partnerships and fundraising) offer free fundraising training, whilst platforms such as Charity Checkout specialise in relationship-driven fundraising solutions and offer bespoke data management. 

Trillium led another relevant DFD webinar –  ‘People over platform: Top tips to keep your fundraising goals front of mind during digital transformation.’ The webinar focused on the importance of finding the right platform for your supporter base, rather than shoe-horning your requirements into an already-chosen platform. The team from Trillium also covered a possible sector-wide dependence on ageing and outdating fundraising platforms that may not have the right insights 


Further Material Available

There’s a host of Digital Fundraising day content available.

Next week’s Digital Fundraising Day Recap #3 will focus on partnerships.