Sue Ryder’s lottery reaches £1m milestone

The charity has reached the milestone after deploying technology across its charity shops to issue its own lottery tickets and offer prizes to customers.

Joe Lepper | 27th Nov 19

Sue Ryder’s bespoke lottery, which uses electronic point of sale (EPoS) tech in its network of shops, has raised over £1m since it launched less than two years ago.

The tickets can be bought in store, checked and used to claim a prize after the healthcare charity installed the EPoS technology in its 450 charity shops.

The technology for the initiative has been developed by K3 Retail and enables shops to link up with an encrypted database. This issues ticket numbers and enters tickets into a draw. It also allows tills to check if they are successful and for customers to redeem any prizes, up to the value of £10 in store.

The system also prompts charity shop workers to check the age of customers. They are also prompted to print out gambling helpline details to vulnerable customers.

Play, check and claim

“The success of the lottery is down to two things, the sale process is quick and simple for both customers and till operator, but also the unwavering support we’ve had from everyone in the retail team from the director to the volunteers who operate the tills,” said  Sue Ryder Lottery Manager Ross Wiggan.

“The new technology is the most advanced in the charity sector and has made it easy for customers to play, check and claim a prize in store. The shops tills produce a unique £1 lottery ticket which can be checked in store after the draw takes place and prizes of £5 and £10 can be paid out to the winners in cash, with larger prizes claimed through the post. The lottery draw takes place every Friday and the technology also lets customers buy tickets for several weeks in advance.”

He added: “The EPoS system gives us so much more than just the ability to sell lottery, the value of the EPoS system has also revolutionised our processes and stock management. The £1million worth of income generated by our shops through the sale of lottery tickets has however been a huge success”.