Online bank to match fund school disaster appeal

Save the Children is looking to help 2,000 pupils in cyclone hit Mozambique return to school through the link up with Revolut and Mastercard.

Joe Lepper | 21st Nov 19
disaster appeal help via online bank firm

Save the Children has teamed up with online bank firm Revolut for a £160,000 fundraising push to rebuild cyclone hit schools in Mozambique.

The link up is through Revolut’s donation online feature means that the digital finance company and Mastercard will match every £1 donated through Revolut Mastercard users, up to a total of £80,000.

There is no minimum donation and customers can turn the fundraising feature on or off at any time.

“The gift of education is one of the best things you can offer a child,” said Samira Abu-Helil, Senior Programme Manager at Save the Children.

“Education gives children a future full of possibility, hope and opportunity. And a safe environment in which a child can get that education is so important. Learning outside under a tree or in a classroom with crumbling walls is not safe and every child has the right to go to school and feel safe so they can focus on being a child, learning and playing with their friends.”

The money is being used to rebuild four schools in Mozambique that were destroyed by Cyclone Isai. Without finding the schools will not be rebuilt and the education of around 2,000 pupils will be affected.

Disaster planning

The money will also cover teaching materals and putting in place response plans should such a natural disaster strike again.

“We launched our Donations feature in July to make charitable donations simple, flexible and transparent,” said Marsel Nikaj, Product Owner for Vaults & Donations at online banking firm Revolut.

“We hope that our partnership with Save the Children and Mastercard will help children affected by Cyclone Idai get the important education they deserve.”

Edoardo Volta, Head of Fintech Partnerships at Mastercard added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Revolut and Save the Children to support such a deserving cause. Education is the passport to a better future and by raising these funds we hope to be able to offer that to the children affected by Cyclone Idai.”