CharityCheckout removes donation fees

The online fundraising platform has removed its five per cent platform charge on donations as part of a growing trend among digital fundraisers to overhaul their fee structure.

Joe Lepper | 20th Nov 19

CharityCheckout has become the latest online fundraising platform to overhaul its fee structure, after announcing it has axed charges on donations.

The service offers products to help charities link up with donors via their own fundraising platform.

It had charged a five per cent platform fee on donations. But this has been removed following a survey of its charity clients,who called for a voluntary contribution approach instead.

Donors will now be asked if they wish to contribute to the cost of charities’ fundraising.

CharityCheckout client the global development charity Dig Deep estimates that it will save  £25,000 a year through the removal of fees.

“Saving five per cent on every donation is very important to Dig Deep,” said Dig Deep Operations Manager

“We anticipate annual savings of £25,000 which will contribute significantly to improving access to clean water and sanitation in rural Kenya.”

CharityCheckout’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chester Mojay-Sinclare added: “Donors will now be given the option to leave a voluntary tip to cover the donation service. These funds will enable us to continuously improve and innovate, ensuring that donors enjoy a positive giving experience and our charities see the benefit of superior fundraising technology.”

Fee overhaul

CharityCheckout is one of a number of online giving platforms to overhaul its fee structure over the last year.

Last month The Good Exchange removed fees to organisational funders and individual donors, instead moving the cost to those benefiting from fundraising activity.

This followed Virgin Money Giving’s announcement that donors can cover all charity fees. It had previously offered an option to cover just platform fees but has now extended that to cover the payment processing fee.

Earlier this year JustGiving axed its charges to UK charities. This followed concerns around fees around major disaster fundraising campaigns.