App used by charity to offer prizes for job skills

Catch is using the Super Stars app to offer t-shirts and vouchers to young people who carry out employment training activities.

Joe Lepper | 20th Nov 19

A charity for disadvantaged children is deploying an app that aims to promote volunteering and employability through incentives and prizes.

Leeds charity Catch is using the Super Stars app, which encourages young people to carry out tasks linked to employability in exchange for ‘star badges’.

These badges can then be used for vouchers, t-shirts and other gifts.

The app is particularly useful in helping disadvantaged young people who have been previously involved in crime, says digital agency Engage, which has developed and designed the app on a pro-bono basis for the charity.

Digital volunteer programme

“We’ve essentially built a digital volunteer development programme,” said Alex Willcocks, Co-founder of Engage.

“At the heart of the app are the Star Badges, with each badge being made up of a number of tasks in areas such as leadership and teamwork. By completing the tasks, users slowly work their way towards achieving their star badges.

“Super Stars badges are directly linked to incentives, from experiences, vouchers and physical rewards through to actual badges, t-shirts and other gifts.

“The tasks themselves are loaded with content, which is directly linked to employment and a strong set of positive values, which make a measurable positive impact on the young people engaged with the app.”

Catch founder Ash Razzaq added: “Super Stars is genuinely turning lives around and providing hope for young people who previously had very little hope for their futures at all.”