Translation app helps charity support the homeless

A Leeds based homelessness charity has been donated the use of a voice interpretation app for its work supporting the welfare needs of vulnerable who do not speak English as their first language.

Joe Lepper | 14th Nov 19

A charity that supports homeless and vulnerable people is using a voice interpretation translation app to help communicate with those who do not speak English.

The WordSynk translation app has been developed by thebigword and is being donated free  by the company to support the work of Vulnerable Citizen Support, which is running a welfare unit for the homeless that has been provided by Servo Group in Leeds.

The app will allow charity staff to swiftly communicate with those it is helping in less than 30 seconds.

“Language barriers are huge and can be the difference in gaining or failing to get the help our homeless friends require,” said Security Professional at Servo Group and Vulnerable Citizen Support Glen Crosthwaite.

“Communication is vital and one of the most important things we do. This really makes a huge difference in our fight and efforts to help the most destitute and vulnerable people living in our society today.”

The welfare unit provides free access to washing and sanitation facilities, hot food and drinks and a safe place to meet and socialise. It also supports homeless people with paperwork and accessing support. It also carries out street work all year round.

Turkish man among those helped

Among those already helped by the translation app is a Turkish homes person who had been struggling to explain how he had lost his passport. Using the app the issue the charity was able to help the man through a two-minute phone call via the app.

It has also helped the charity find homes for three homeless people across Leeds who do not have English as their first language.

Mark Daley, Chief Operating Officer of thebigword, said: “We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for us to put our technology towards a more than worthy cause. I really hope it eases situations where communication is difficult.”