Tackling Inclusion: Unprepared Vs Prepared Organisations – Charity Digital Podcast

The Charity Digital Podcast returns. This episode focuses on what happens when organisations aren’t prepared for the challenges of inclusion.

Aidan Paterson | 13th Nov 19
Charity Digital Podcast - Episode Two

The Charity Digital Podcast returns for its second episode, continuing the last instalment’s discussion around inclusivity within the charity sector. Our regular podcast highlights the challenges facing the sector, and the successful organisations that overcome them.  

Issues of diversity and inclusion have been at the forefront of discussion within the charity sector following the visibility of the #CharitySoWhite campaign. With a recent backlash against perceived ‘white saviour’ stereotypes and an ‘us vs. them’ mentality with postcolonial undercurrents, the charity domain is not immune to Britain becoming an increasingly unfriendly place for people of colour.

The prominence brought to the issue by the success of the #CharitySoWhite campaign has led to renewed awareness of the importance of inclusivity. However, whilst there have been a number of success stories, many charities face challenges in embracing a more active policy of inclusion. These challenges form the basis for discussion in this instalment of the Charity Digital Podcast.

This episode, titled ‘Unprepared Vs. Prepared Organisations’, discusses how organisations can prepare themselves for the challenges of inclusion, whilst looking at examples of what can happen when organisations aren’t prepared.

The discussion delves into the wider issues raised by homogeneity; as well as how inclusion expands upon diversity and intersects with overlapping issues of access, opportunity and privilege. The focus also highlights the power and positive change of embracing inclusion, and the strength that progress can bring to the sector.  

Our Guest host and former CharityComms editor Susheila Juggapah is joined by Brand By Me Founder Collette Philip Keen and Charity Digital’s own Raabia Fazil for a real discussion about their experiences as women of colour working for charities. You can listen to the episode below.

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