General election campaign urges politicians to forge long-term relationships with charities

Politicians are being targeted online by ACEVO through its We Imagine Better general election manifesto launch.

Joe Lepper | 11th Nov 19

ACEVO is taking to social media with the slogan ‘We Imagine Better’ to promote its demands for politicians ahead of the general election.

The charity sector group is encouraging people to share ACEVO’s manifesto demands, which they hope politicians of all parties will adhere to as the UK prepares to go to the polls on 12 December general election.

A key demand is to ensure MPs create meaningful relationships with charities.

Under the #WeImagineBetter slogan the group is hoping to spark a conversation about how government should work with charities.

This is particularly aimed at encouraging MPs to publish details of how they would work with charities “to instigate long-term, ambitious and cross-governmental plans that will enable everyone living and working in the UK to have happy and fulfilling lives,” said ACEVO.

Video activity planned

Further social media activity, including releasing a series of short videos, is also being planned.

“Everyone is invited to join the conversation, share their ideas and values in text or video, by using the hashtag #WeImagineBetter,” added the charity group.

The downloadable version of manifesto is also being made available via ACEVO’s website.

This includes asking all political candidates to share the values and long term vision they would lead to as an MP. All candidates should also promise to be accountable, transparent and honest about their mistakes as well as successes.

ACEVO Chief Ececutive Officer Vicky Browning, said: “Political leadership must go beyond the election cycle, and with this manifesto we want to encourage all candidates to join us in imagining better and to recognise the need for radical change.

“Although the manifesto proposes ambitious goals, we want our country’s leaders to believe they are achievable, especially if MPs are willing to share power and work as a collective.”