Digital activities tool offers ‘game changing’ support to Scout volunteers

The tool aims to make it easier for Scout Association volunteers to manage their time when organising activities for young people.

Joe Lepper | 6th Nov 19
Scout members interacting Image credit: Nominet

The Scout Association is creating an online tool to help its volunteers better manage the weekly activities they offer children.

The move is part of a raft of digital upgrades to the charity’s web operations being carried out by social enterprise Reason Digital.

The tool allows volunteers to access online materials and plan for weekly sessions. The aim of the digital overhaul is to free up preparation time and help encourage more adults to volunteer with the charity.

Around 500 activities are being made available to those running activities for children, which have a focus on providing life skills.

Game changing access

Matt Haworth, Co-Founder of Reason Digital, said the tool is “an online one-stop-shop for leaders, where they can access educational and fun materials for weekly sessions, wherever they’re based”.

He added: “We’re proud to work with a charity that aligns with our ethos and embraces positive change.”

This includes offering volunteers information around equipment, time, cost, suitability and safety guidance. It is also designed for activities that can last an hour or as part of a year-long programme.

“We’ve grown so much in recent years that there are currently 60,000 young people on our waiting lists,” said Livia Carron, Scout Association Programme Design Executive.

“For them to join, we need more adult volunteers, and we know one of the barriers to volunteering with us is the perception that it takes too much time. We believe that the new, easy to use tool makes it easier for new and existing volunteers to plan a programme – without needing hours of time. It’s a real game changer.”

Other work being carried out by Reason Digital for the charity includes supporting improvements to its website. In addition seven members of the social enterprise have joined the The Scout Association’s in- house team to help embed digital changes.