#DFD2019 Partners: Trillium – People over platform: Top tips to keep your fundraising goals front of mind during digital transformation

An overview of Digital Fundraising Day partners Trillium’s webinar on the importance of people and planning in charity’s digital transformation process

Chris Hall | 5th Nov 19
people over platform webinar at digital fundraising day 2019

With less than 48 hours to go before Digital Fundraising Day 2019 we take a look at another session that charities can look forward to.

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In the constant chatter of digital transformation, it’s easy to be seduced by the exciting features of new technology platforms that promise the earth. However, when the implementation honeymoon period wears off, charities are often left wondering “What’s the true benefit of this to our organisation and supporters?”

Founders of Trillium Allan Perestrello and Gavin Pollock take this one step further with their #DFD2019 webinar and answer the question they often hear from charities “how do you deliver the best donor and fundraising experiences effectively and efficiently, without getting distracted by the features and capabilities of your potential new tech?”

The session will share practical advice to keep fundraising objectives front of mind while considering new retch platforms, deep-diving into the information you need to know throughout the procurement process to find solutions that fit your organisational needs and goals. Participants will also be given the skills to confidently identify tech and add ons that they don’t need, as well as gain an understanding of the integral role people play in every charity’s digital journey.

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Allan and Gavin founded Trillium in  2010 as a company that delivers digital transformation for charity and not-for-profit organisations. By bringing together strategy, digital and CRM, they transform the entire user experience, improving acquisition, retention and engagement. Alan leads on Trillium’s commercial strategy; he ensures that our clients’ experience matters. He’s an expert in delivering digital transformation by creating trusted and transparent relationships, teams and strategies. And Gavin leads on Trillium’s technology strategy. He ensures Trillium leads the way with best-of-breed platforms and forward-thinking solutions.

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