Full agenda Friday: WWF-UK and AdGrow complete Digital Fundraising Day

Leading conservation charity WWF-UK and Google Ad experts AdGrow complete the agenda for Digital Fundraising Day 2019

Chris Hall | 1st Nov 19
photo of tiger and google homepage symbolise final agenda additions to digital fundraising day

Conservation specialists and developers of Our Planet WWF-UK have joined Charity Digital’s Digital Fundraising Day agenda. They’ll be kicking off the day with a webinar on how charities can leverage partnerships in their fundraising strategy.

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Dan Murray, Senior Partnership Development Manager, and Karolina Piotrowska, Partnership Communications Manager will be talking to participants about how WWF has transformed their approach to partnerships to be more strategically aligned to organisational goals and ultimately drive their fundraising initiatives. Among others, the pair will focus on how they’ve brought partners together for fundraising efforts like Earth Hour to drive online engagement, and how they’ve elevated their corporate fundraising through employee engagement.

Also, on-board are digital marketing agency AdGrow. Director, David Bushell has experience running Google Ad campaigns for charities and companies of all sizes. He will be spending his session talking about the elusive and complex Google Grant, an online advertising fund available to charities that meet certain criteria. David will be explaining how organisations can leverage the grant as well as giving key points and insights into running the perfect fundraising ad campaigns.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up. The day kicks off at 9 am on Thursday, November 7 and is free for all charities. Each attendee gets access to an e-book created specifically for the day on the future of money-making for charities that shares new models charities are adopting to increase their revenue.

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