Free ebook helps charities create a digital culture

Trillium have published a free ebook which helps charities create a digital culture and addresses concerns on every level of your organisation

Raabia Fazil | 31st Oct 19
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Download your copy of the Digital Culture for Charities e-book below

Trillium have published a new ebook which helps charities create a digital culture.

With all of the digital tools and products available these days, it seems that the charity sector has not yet fully harnessed the power of digital to champion change.

The Charity Digital Skills Report 2019 examines how charities are using digital. It has found that 52% of charities don’t have a digital strategy. It also found that 56% of charities have concerns about how to fund a digital transformation and 68% of charities rate their board’s digital skills as low or needing improvement. These results suggest that charities are could be doing so much more with a little help.

In light of the concerns shared by so many charities across the sector, Trillium have published a free ebook titled Creating a Digital Culture which outlines how charities can kick start a digital transformation to expand their operations. It advises on several aspects of getting everyone involved from trustees, to employees and service users.The ebook stresses the importance of communication and transparency on every level and how significant it is for everyone to pull together and forge progress. It advises how to frame communication about digital transformation at each level and to tailor it specifically to focus on the interests and concerns of each group of people involved with your charity.

There are clear sections with more information about how creating a digital culture will enhance operations covering ROI to how you can make donors and supporters part of your digital transformation. For example, your executive team will have different requirements to your service users and the ebook details how to address them head on.

The ebook also emphasises the importance of flexibility as the digital sphere continues to grow and evolve. Ensuring that everyone in the charity pulls together, the ebook shows how charities can remain adaptable in the face of any challenges that you may face. The document then continues with an example of an organisation who have started the journey of switching up their digital culture and the tools that they have used to put changes in place and effectively balance progress with their daily work.

The ebook also refers to the implications of revolutionising your digital culture. Whilst the entire organisation can be motivated and working towards digital improvement, you may find that an external partner can help you successfully hit your goals and navigate any snags along the way.

Download the e-book below to find out more.


Download your copy of the e-book here