Listen to the very first Charity Digital Podcast

The new Charity Digital Podcast series will look into key topics and issues surrounding digital technology in the charity sector

Chris Hall | 22nd Oct 19
announcing the charity digital podcast

Looking to stay ahead of the digital curve? Kickstart your digital journey? Or just see how other charities are making the most of technology? Welcome to the Charity Digital Podcast.

Having already launched a successful webinar series and the first Charity Digital Tech Conference this year, the Charity Digital podcast adds another way for charity professionals to learn about how digital is propelling the sector forward.

In series 1, we’ll be joined by like-minded guests from charities of all shapes, sizes, and missions for discussions around key topics like digital fundraising, digital strategy, digital marketing and security. We’ll also be tackling issues like inclusivity in the sector and how digital ethics needs to be a bigger focus for organisations. We’ll bookend all that with some of the latest digital news, product updates and a bit of humour here and there.

Our first episode, released this morning, is the beginning of larger discussion we’ll be having around inclusion in the charity sector. Our Guest host and former CharityComms editor Susheila Juggapah is joined by Brand By Me Founder Collette Philip Keen and Charity Digital’s own Raabia Fazil for a real discussion about their experiences as women of colour working for charities. You can listen to the episode below.

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