Guide Dogs launches ‘Puppy Cam Live’ appeal on Facebook

The charity has stepped up social media promotion of its Pups to Partnerships appeal with a live Facebook event showing seven campaign puppies it is looking to train as guide dogs.

Joe Lepper | 22nd Oct 19
a still of a video showing a guide dog playing with a tv remote

Guide Dogs has created a Facebook live stream event of puppies playing to promote its new campaign.

The charity’s Pups to Partnerships appeal launched last week and is being boosted this week through a Puppy Cam Live Facebook event.

This focuses on the puppies the charity needs donations for, so that they can be trained and supported as guide dogs until they retire.

The footage shows them playing and achieved just under 6,000 views on Facebook within an hour of launching yesterday lunchtime. By this morning it had attracted more than 22,000 views.

The Facebook post reads “Sound ON, donation button activated. Hit it now if you want to see more life changing pups:”.

Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre

The seven puppies involved in the campaign are being training at the National Breeding Centre for guide dogs.

The event  is also being promoted across wider social media on Twitter.

The campaign was launched by TV personalities And and Dec as two of the puppies have been named after them. This involved extensive social media coverage with online videos of the celebrity duo meeting their namesakes.