10 religious charities doing great things with digital

We take a deep dive into the religious charities who are using digital means to achieve greater impact

Chrissy Chiu | 22nd Oct 19
religious charities using digital to achieve great things

Religious charities are among many other organisations that are using digital technology to tackle issues like poverty and discrimination, and using them to help inform the public about their causes.

From designing apps and new products, to using VR, here we showcase some of our favourite examples of religious charities winning with digital.

1 Christian Aid’s digital gifting helps alleviate poverty

Ahead of the holiday season, Christian Aid recently launched a new range of digital gifts. Aimed at helping those in need, donors can purchase a range of gifts for women, refugees, and children. Gifts range from £7, which will provide a family in Bangladesh a turkey for income, to £93, which can give a child a safe space in refugee camps.

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2 – Samaritans digital brand push

Recently covered by Charity Digital News, Samaritans launched a new website. Looking to be more user-friendly, accessible, and appealing to new audiences, the new site also includes a guide for those looking for help.


3 – Salvation Army’s digital partnerships help raise funds

Last season, The Salvation Army partnered with iRaiser, a fundraising software provider. Targeting mobile phone donations, the religious charity made it easier for give via mobile. Alex Wood, Head of Individual Giving said: “The Salvation Army started working with iRaiser just as we launched our big Christmas fundraising campaign. By the end of the campaign our online donation income had increased by 20% year on year.”


4 – Islamic Relief UK challenges Islamophobia

Religious charity Islamic Relief UK, in partnership with Ultimatum Games, developed an app, where users can experience being an aid worker in Syria or what it might be like to help provide shelter for disaster-stricken families. Virtue Reality is the first-ever video game developed by a Muslim charity, and is based on real projects.

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5 – World Vision and The Charity Digital Code of Practice

Digital teams working at World Vision have helped developed the Charity Digital Code of Practice to help charities and non-profits evaluate digital transformation.

Speaking to Zoe Amar, Martin Francis Campbell, CIO of World Vision UK, said: “The Charity Digital Code has been a tremendously useful standard against which charities have been able to measure ourselves.  It’s no surprise that we’re behind the curve on digital, and we know that we need to do more, but what’s so valuable about this report is that, by focusing on the culture and practice of digital, rather than the technology, it shows us where we need to concentrate our effort in order to kickstart improvements overall.”


6 – World Jewish Relief supports individual challenges

World Jewish Relief, the UK’s Jewish international humanitarian agency, helps individuals fundraise by collaborating efforts. Making use of their website as a fundraising platform, people can link their own efforts greater causes.


7 – The Church of England’s Children’s Society, finalist for Vodafone’s Techstarter Awards

Using VR to challenge thinking around anxiety, the religious charity was shortlisted for Vodafone’s prestigious awards. The Church of England’s Children’s Society project aimed to help children beat anxiety and tackle other more serious issues through immersive experiences.

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8 – The Children’s Society’s digital interactive map shows impact

Christian faith-based charity The Children’s Society used digital to show the impact of funding cuts to children’s services in England.


9 – Aga Khan Foundation UK’s digital revamp

Known for international development work, the Ismaili Muslim charity Aga Khan Foundation recently launched a new website. Designed by Wholegrain the website’s look and feel matches its new home in London’s Kings Cross. Overseas, the charity has also headed up the ‘1 million lives unlocked’ digital campaign to tackle poverty in Africa and Asia.


10 – The Karuna Trust’s digital fundraising with Savoo

The Karuna Trust, a small London-based charity inspired by Buddhist values, works towards erasing caste-based discrimination, poverty and inequality in India. Traditionally relying on telephone appeals and door-to-door fundraising, the religious charity has partnered with Savoo, an exchange platform, to extend its efforts in digital fundraising.