Charity e-card platform boosts services

Digital fundraiser is offering donors the chance to schedule their giving through ecards all year round as well as monitor the environmental savings they are making.

Joe Lepper | 15th Oct 19

Fundraising platform has added a range of new functions to encourage more people to raise money for good causes by sending e-cards in support of charities rather than traditional greeting cards.

The website already offers donors the chance to send an e-card and fundraise on a pay as you go basis.

This month it has launched an account version, which offers extra services enabling donors to give regularly through the year, by scheduling e-cards in advance and keeping track of special occasions.

It is also offering account holders the chance to monitor the carbon savings they have made by not sending paper greeting cards.

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Helping the environment

The move has been made following feedback from donors, says

“Our differentiator is that our users not only get to give back and help the environment, but mark occasions in a fun way too,” said DontSendMeACard Co-Founder Alex Furness.

“So we’re seeing people stick to our model and our new account version progresses this massively into a complete solution for cards year-round.”

Through the platform charities receive the equivalent cost of cards that would have been sent instead of the electronic card.

Charities can also sign up as partners and use the platform to design and upload their own cards for supporters to use.

Around 400 charities have used the platform, including Salvation Army, Shelter and Dogs Trust.