Free webinar shows charities how to beat “those pesky spam filters”

In our upcoming webinar, resident email specialist Elizabeth Carter will share some tops tips to ensure your email database is actually getting your emails.

Mimi Morrill | 11th Oct 19

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The charity sector suffers more than any other when it comes to reaching an audience via email. It’s widely considered that as much as 25% of marketing emails never actually make it to the person they’re intended for.

Inboxes are becoming more secure – and rightly so in many ways – but as charities driving impact, change and all-round support and guidance, being able to reach supporters and beneficiaries not only helps organisations grow, but delivers valuable information to those who need it most.

On Thursday 24th October at 1pm, Charity Digital’s EComms Project Manager and Email Guru of our Charity Digital Mail platform Elizabeth Carter will be hosting our first in-house webinar to help you break through the strict spam filters of today’s inboxes.

How to break through

Words like FREE, DONATE and GIVE – that are often used to entice donors and supporters – are actually immediate red flags to a spam and keywords, among other things, are making it increasingly difficult to break down those spam barriers.

This webinar will share best-practice advice for how not to send a ‘spammy’ email, what copy to avoid, the little things to remember before you hit send and many more tips to make sure what you’re sending isn’t going directly to a spam filter.

For over 11 years, Charity Digital Mail has provided advice and support to charities, allowing them to successfully raise awareness, gain more donors and foster trust and loyalty with their supporters. The program helps charities send over 51 million emails every year and Elizabeth’s expertise ensures charities are getting the messages to all of the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

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