The three traits successful fundraising orgs have in common – report

Blackbaud’s latest eBook guide helps charities choose and optimise their CRM software to drive their fundraising goals.

Chloe Green | 11th Oct 19

Go here to download the free eBook: How to Choose a Fundraising CRM

A new three step guide to CRM software for fundraising has been released by charity software partner Blackbaud Europe.

The eBook, How to Choose a Fundraising CRM has been designed to demystify CRM software selection, helping non-profit organisations review their specific fundraising and donor management needs and then match them to a software solution that works for their charity.

The eBook covers three key stages of the software selection process: preparation, selecting a vendor and implementation.

The first section includes tips on assembling an effective project team, understanding internal processes and preparing your charity for a cultural change.

It goes on to explain the key questions charities should ask when looking for a potential vendor, how to prepare for a software demonstration and a guide to making the final decision.

Finally, charities can learn how to make the most of a solution once it’s in place to drive successful fundraising and meet their goals.

New abridged guide

The new eBook is the third edition of Blackbaud’s how-to guide to selecting fundraising software, with over 1,000  organisations downloading previous versions since 2017.

Speaking on the release of the guide, Casper Harratt, Director of Business Operations and Marketing at Blackbaud Europe, said: “With half of new donors not giving again in year two, the rapidly changing digital habits of supporters, and a shifting data protection landscape, building strong relationships with donors and effectively managing fundraising campaigns has never been more important.”

“That’s why we’ve revised our guide to selecting a fundraising CRM. We wanted to ensure we’re able to address the specific challenges facing charities in 2019. The latest edition of our eBook streamlines the evaluation process to provide a more concise, but equally comprehensive, guide to choosing fundraising and donor management software.”

You can read the full eBook here.


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