Versus Arthritis launches hard hitting ‘no filter’ social media campaign

Those with arthritis and other musculosketal conditions are being urged to share unedited images to show the reality of living with pain.

Joe Lepper | 9th Oct 19

The charity Versus Arthritis has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of how arthritis and musculoskeletal (MSK) pain can be hidden by those affected.

Called #Painnofilter it is urging people affected to show photos of the reality of living with the pain of arthritis and other conditions without any filters or airbrushing. This aims to show “a single image of what a moment in the life of someone in pain looks like”, according to Versus Arthritis.

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Among those to take to Twitter to share the campaign is parent Christine Hamilton, who has posted images of  the impact of 11 years of having to deal with pain, including the daily medications she has to use.


Meanwhile, those answering the call on Instagram include Chloeincurve, who is pictured in tears talking about how one night recently, “my fingers and wrists decided to stop functioning.”


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I took this photo of myself at 6.53pm lastnight after I’d just dropped our whole dinner on the kitchen floor. My fingers and wrists decided to stop functioning and I dropped absolutely everything on the floor. I have Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) which effects all of my joints, I take daily medication to stay afloat, I inject an ANTI-TNF treatment every month, I have blood tests taken every fortnight, I have steroid injections, endless rheumatology appointments and fluid removed from my joints. The realities of this condition aren’t something I share often on here, but WOW some days are really really hard. Some days I can’t even open a tin or a bottle, can’t do up a button, can’t put my own socks on, can’t hold up a kettle or a pan. The things I used to take for granted became difficult very quickly. If you, like me, suffer from an MSK condition (1 in 4 of us in the UK do) don’t shrug your pain off as ‘just pain’. These illnesses are debilitating, isolating and at times you feel out of your depth. Speak out and talk, you aren’t alone ♥️ @versusarthritis #painnofilter #worldarthritisday

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The charity is also promoting data it has collected that shows that half of people with arthritis experience pain every single day and eight in ten say they experience pain “most days.”


 The reality of living with pain

“Despite its scale and impact society dismisses MSK pain as “just a bit of arthritis” or “just a bit of pain”,’ said Versus Arthritis. “That’s not ok and we need your help to change that.”

“#PainNoFilter aims to show the reality of living with the pain of arthritis and related conditions - no airbrushing, no filters, just a single image of what a moment in the life of someone in pain looks like.”

Versus Arthritis is the latest charity to use social media users’ selfies to highlight a cause. This month the Brain Tumour Charity began using Snapchat to use filters of the symptoms of brain tumours to raise awareness among teenagers.