Charity Fraud Awareness Week includes advice on tackling cyber crime

Charity Fraud Awareness Week brings together security and charity experts to warn of threats such as cyber crime.

Joe Lepper | 9th Oct 19
Risk Management

A week of campaigning to raise awareness of charity security issues, including the risks of cyber crime, is taking place later this month.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week (21-25 October) is being promoted through social media using #CharityFraudOut and aims to share good practice in tackling fraud,  financial crime and to warn charities of the risks they face.

This year’s campaign has the strapline All Together Now.

The week of activity is taking place globally and includes charities, regulators, professional bodies and other security experts.

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A Charity Fraud Awareness Hub involving videos, webinars and case studies has been available for charities. This has been released by those involved in UK activity including the Fraud Advisory Panel, Charity Commission for England and Wales and UK Finance.

The Fraud Advisory Panel has also made its own suite of online resources available. This collates e-learning resources taking in issues including cyber security, due diligence, crowdfunding risks, bank fraud and whistleblowing.

In addition, a supporters pack has been available on how to get involved in the week of activity, which as with last year’s event, has a different theme being promoted each day.


Cyber crime focus

Cybercrime and cyber secrurity is being scheduled for 23 October’s focus. Other days include ‘keeping data safe’ on 25 October.

“Fraud is a serious threat to every organisation, charities included. With reported fraud increasing at an alarming rate it is vital for charities of all shapes and sizes to protect their income and assets by building strong defences,” says the Fraud Advisory Panel on its Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2019 webpage.

“Charity Fraud Awareness Week promotes openness and honesty about fraud. It brings together everyone involved in the charity and not-for-profit sectors to raise awareness and share good practice in tackling fraud and financial crime.”