The charity organisations doing best on digital fundraising platforms

These stories of smaller, less well-known charities shows that any non-profit organisation can have success with fundraising platforms.

Chloe Green | 8th Oct 19

Digital fundraising success is not just for the largest charities with their national campaigns and huge budgets. We’ve put together a snapshot of the charity organisations by size and donations doing best at raising money on online fundraising platforms like JustGiving.


Charity: RNLI

Income: £15,375,105

Raised: £140,000

What they did: RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) works hard to save lives at sea. Their ‘H2Only’ campaign encouraging people to drink nothing but water for ten days has seen huge success, thanks to the creation of a dedicated app that’s been downloaded over 8,000 times.


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Charity: SpecialEffect

Income: £1,932,236

Raised: £224,095

What they did: SpecialEffect organise an annual 24-hour gaming event, GameBlast, to help bring gaming to severely disabled children and raise money. Gamers can get together via livestream gaming platform Twitch and play, stream and donate, with challenges, auctions and exclusive giveaways from game publishers.


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Charity: SWAN UK

Income: £758,973

Raised: £14,000

What they did: SWAN UK (Syndromes Without a Name) is the only dedicated support in the UK for families of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions. In just seven days they raised £14k by teaming up with parent website Mumsnet by promoting their campaign through its online community as part of Mumsnet Giving Week.

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Charity: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Income: £474,463

Raised: £6,107

What they did: The animal sanctuary near Bristol launched a Christmas-themed campaign to help raise money for heated floors and keep their animal guests comfortable over winter. By focusing their efforts on this specific time of year, with heartbreaking stories and pictures of the real animals in their care, they raised over £6k.
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Charity: Tribe Freedom Foundation

Income: £97,451

Raised: £53,437

What they did: This charitable trust dedicated to ending modern slavery raised an enormous amount through the Hackney Half Marathon, challenging runners to cut 10% off their personal best through small changes to their training and nutrition by partnering with a running training organisation. Lots of incentives, rewards and a match funding day pushed them to the finish line.


Charity: Sophie Hayes Foundation

Income: £45,127

Raised: £6,755

What they did: This small charity raised over £6k through just 15 fundraisers in their first ever fundraising event, by getting volunteers to take part in a colour run. Storytelling features on ther JustGiving site gave them a great platform to explain their cause.