Young people’s mental health charity boosts web and app support

Stem4 has relaunched its website with input from teenagers and launched a new app that helps families and friends focus on the strengths of young people tackling mental ill health.

Joe Lepper | 7th Oct 19

Teenagers have helped revamp the website of young people’s mental illness charity Stem4, which is also creating an app to focus on the strengths of those affected by mental health challenges.

Young people’s input was needed, according to the charity, to help provide a clean and modern new look for its online presence. The young people’s mental health charity has also updated its branding as part of the overhaul.

Web improvements include creating a Stay on Track feature to promote resilience and offer information about maintaining good mental health.

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A resources section is also included, where Stem4’s leaflets, fundraising forms and guidance can be downloaded. This also features information on mental health apps and template mental health policies for schools.

The website also features a new Get Involved section, offering further information about fundraising, donating, volunteering and events.

In addition the charity has created a free app called Combined Minds to help families and friends support young people with their mental health.

The focus of the app is on the positive attributes of young people and to build resourcefulness and resilience.

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‘Stem4 has a proven track record of supporting young people through our digital offers and we are delighted to be providing a resource for family and friends to further support them,” said Stem4 Chief Executive Officer Dr Nihara Krause.

“The request and funding for Combined Minds has come from parents and we have worked co-collaboratively to produce it. I hope it will provide a valuable resource.’

The app is due to launch ahead of World Mental Health Day (October 10).