Barnardos turns Skype call with worker into major fundraising campaign

The video call with the project worker so impressed the charity and its advertising agency that its footage is being used in a major fundraising campaign.

Joe Lepper | 4th Oct 19

Barnardos is to use footage from a video call between its advertising agency and a project worker for its latest fundraising push.

The adversting agency Arthur intended to speak to Barnardo’s project worker Jo purely for research for their latest advertising campaign for the charity.

However, they were so impressed with Jo’s compelling account of how she supports children that it is now using footage from the call in TV and online advertisiting as the charity looks to raise money for it work.

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It is hoped that by featuring Jo’s powerful first hand account it will persuade more people to donate.

The advertising features Jo talking about her work with a girl, who is given the name Chloe to protect her identity.

Chloe had been the vicim of an abuser who she met online.

A key to the fundraising push is encouraging people to give the charity a regular donation, via a dedicated online fundraising page on the Barnardo’s website.


Compelling story

Jennie York, Barnardo’s Director of Fundraising explains: “It was intended to just be a research call to get some ideas and a greater understanding of what our frontline workers do to support children who’ve been sexually abused or exploited.

“We really wanted to get across what our project workers do every day, working at the sharp end of our services and what kind of difference they make to children’s lives.”

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“What Jo was telling us was so compelling it was clear that what was going to have the biggest impact was her own experience in her own words – she had to be the advert.”

“The fundraising environment has been really tough over the past few years and it’s been even more important for us to cut through a crowded market and reach our potential donors. We hope that through this new approach we can raise significant funds to help transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children.”

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