The best charity digital campaigns tackling sustainability

We showcase a few of the shining examples of charities providing green inspiration using the power of digital tools.

Chrissy Chiu | 1st Oct 19

Recent news has focused on inspiring schoolgirl Greta Thunberg’s United Nations speech on climate change. Her efforts have inspired global walkouts and scientists and activists have taken notice.

“Speaking as a climate change scientist who has been working on this issue for 20 years and saying the same thing for 20 years, she is getting people to listen, which we have failed to do,” said Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change to NBC News.

Charities have long rallied to the cause, and with many participating in the walkout – #ClimateStrike, #ClimateAction were all trending on social media, with RSPB, National Trust, Oxfam, CAF, Cancer Research, Barnardo’s, and many others participating.

Charities have also used their own digital campaigns to fight for environmental causes – digital campaigns have used social media, online communities, interactive tools and more in the digital arsenal to gather momentum – here are some brilliant examples to provide some green inspiration.

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1 – The Climate Coalition Charity – #SpeakUp

Headed by the Climate Coalition, the digital campaign #SpeakUp organises MPs across Scotland, England and Wales to resist climate change in Parliament.

The campaign reaches out to people through social media and encourages them to have conversations with MPs over a week and attend events supporting local efforts. In cooperation with their other digital campaign #TheTimeIsNow, 224 MPs have signed on to pressure government to commit to zero emissions by 2050.

In a major political effort, charities National Trust, RSPB, WWF and others have joined up to lobby government.


2 – Kids Against Plastic – Digital interactive map

Combatting climate change for futures to come, the Kids Against Plastic charity is founded by kids for kids. The charity tackles single-use crisps packets and suggests what children can do to reduce waste and get the attention of crisps makers through the #packetin campaign. Taking digital even further, the interactive map tracks school programmes, and shows what has been recycled.


3 – WWF – Digital questionnaire

Empowering and educating people, WWF uses a digital questionnaire to probe people’s habits, including food, transport, and living conditions. The questionnaire assesses individual impact against the UK’s average, and people can post results on Facebook and Twitter.


4 – Trees for Cities – Social media event days

Using both social media and event days, Trees for Cities focuses on hosting tree planting days for organisations and schools. The event days are featured on both Twitter and Instagram, and showcase the impact that tree planting can have in an urban context. To date, the charity is on track to plant 1 million trees by 2020.


5 – The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – Online communities

Helping to inspire interest in conservation and rare bird sightings, RSPB’s online community is a forum for discussion and online chatting. Making use of its digital platform, RSPB uses its blog and online community to engage followers on its response to the Global Climate Change Strike.


6 – Friends of the Earth – Online petition with a mission

Taking a stand against climate change, Friends of the Earth (FoE) host an online petition for government to cut greenhouse emissions urgently.

The petition has 146,000 signatories already and is growing. The #TakeClimateAction and the FoE interactive map showcases climate change events nearby, and if there are none in the neighbourhood, activists can organise one.

7 – 10:10 Climate Action – Online resource

10:10 Climate Action carbon crush offers “something you can do yourself, something you can do with others and a way to take it up a notch.” The resource shares energy conservation tips for lighting, transport, heating, eating, energy supply, and knowledge. 10:10 Climate Action even offers advice on how to be environmentally conscious at social events – from Christmas to festivals.

8 – Campaign against Climate Change – Online resource

Campaign against Climate Change helps rally people together for protests, events, and lobbies government for change.  Through its volunteer network and website, the organisation shares information on how individuals can combat climate change. Even information on how households can divest from fossil fuels is available.

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