Shelter nets £18,000 from online Lady Hale spider t-shirt sales

Around £18,000 has been raised for Shelter through the sale of the shirts on eBay to commemorate the landmark ruling and dress sense of Supreme Court President, Lady Hale.

Joe Lepper | 27th Sep 19

A clothing company is donating around a third of the sales of its Lady Hale spider broach style t-shirts to homelessness charity Shelter.

Balcony Shirts has linked up with the charity to ensure that 30% of the sale of the shirts, which are being sold via ebay, go towards the charity’s work to tackle homelessness and bad housing in the UK.

Supreme Court president Lady Hale attracted global attention this week when she delivered the ruling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament was unlawful.

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As well as the landmark ruling she also attracted interest by wearing a spider broach when the verdict was delivered. This style was swiftly used as a t-shirt design by Balcony Shirts for this charity link up.

Shelter has taken to social media to publicly thank the clothing company for the online retail initiative.

This week Balcony Shirts announced that the the sale had to be temporarily suspended as it had sold out, with more than 6,500 t-shirts sold and around £18,000 going to Shelter. The sale will resume when the current orders are fulfilled.

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The charity link up has also reportedly filtered through to Lady Hale, who is being sent a t-shirt, says the clothing retailer.

“We’ve just been speaking to a friend of Lady Hale and we are rather thrilled to confirm … she’s getting a T-shirt,” said Balcony Shirts.

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