The best new social media platforms for charities

We take a look at some of the most innovative new social media platforms for charities that they may not be aware of yet.

Chrissy Chiu | 24th Sep 19

Keeping up with newly emerging social media platforms can feel daunting given the number of them out there. New ones are emerging all the time to challenge the likes of Facebook, which has seen a decline in users over the past couple of years.

For charities to stay relevant, looking at new social media channels and their users is important for targeting specific audiences for their fundraising, awareness raising and online communuty building.

Here are some of the newest social media players on the market and who’s on them. Has your charity explored any of these?

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TikTok: Bitesize videos

TikTok is a video sharing platform, for videos 15-60 seconds long which can be stitched together to create stories. Think YouTube in bite-size lengths, suitable for ever-shortening attention spans.

With over 500+ monthly users, TikTok’s increasing popularity with young audiences makes it an important tool for charities working with teenage service users. Videos can cover any topic, including fundraising events, tutorials, and social medial challenges that charities are looking to share.


WokenUp: Giving back

WokenUp is a social network focused on helping its users work together to deliver on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Connecting like-minded individuals, non-profits and companies, WokenUp provides a digital platform to post volunteering and job opportunities, buy and sell social goods, and inspiration for others working in the impact space.

For charities, WokenUp is a valuable resource to find volunteers for events, share knowledge on environmental and social governance, and share news about new campaigns to an already focused and engaged audience.


Care2: Network for impact

Another new charity-specific social network, Care2 is a community of some 40 million people, led by a team of experienced campaigners, dedicated to connecting members with non-profits and mission-based brands working on the causes they care about.

Care2 helps charities and activists filter through petitions by topic. Visitors can find articles, case studies, causes and petitions to sign-up to support, making it an attractive portal for charities which specific causes to promote.


Meetup: Networking events

Meetup provides a platform for people and organisations to post their events (‘meetups’) for others to then sign-up to and attend, typically in real life. Meetups can cover anything – from coding to sports, to fundraising and community movements. Charities can join and interact with others in the same service area or post events for other members to attend – helping to broaden reach to new audiences.


Nextdoor: Local know-how

Nextdoor is a social network designed for local communities, which only allows people within your area to sign-up to a location specific group.

Perfect for local charities, local groups can raise awareness of neighbourhood issues, share events and buy and sell products. As marketing is focused on people nearby, it is also a great social media platform for charities to find volunteers and promote local fundraising initiatives.


Twitch: Fun and fundraising

Twitch is the leading platform for users to watch and commentate on others playing video games such as Fortnite and StarCraft.

More for charities looking to connect with a younger audience, Twitch can be a powerful fundraising tool for charities linked to star gamers. Twitch is growing in reach, as it now has some 15 million daily users and is used by many teenage gamers every day. Charities are harnessing it for fundraising video game marathons.

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