Ten of the best charity and non-profit websites

We showcase a few of the best charity websites for users and supporters.

Paul Rubens | 19th Sep 19
Image of charity website on a screen representing the-best-UK-charity-websites

A great website is a huge asset for charities and non-profits, and that’s because it presents the public face of the organisation to millions of potential online visitors.

But what makes a great charity website? It should be effective at encouraging donations and support, certainly, but ghe best websites goes far beyond digital fundraising. The best allow the organization to establish a strong brand image, often using moving success stories and powerful photography and videos to showcase their work.

They can also offer educational resources, provide information and support to the those they seek to help, and host an online community for those involved with the charity.

Here are ten that excel in some or all of these endeavours:

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SSAFA Local content

This website seeks to broaden the armed forces charity’s reach and raise more funds. SSAFA branches are largely independent, but the website includes a “microsite” function enabling local volunteers to update their own pages with local news and information about their activities.


Rethink Mental IllnessEasy information access

In response to strong demand, Rethink Mental Illness’s website offers quick and easy access to vital information and support for people experiencing a mental health crisis. The non-profit’s site is also optimised for smart phone access so that confidential information remains protected.


WWF – Outstanding photography

WWF’s mission is to conserve nature, and its website uses stunning wildlife images to enthuse visitors and educate them about current campaigns and activities. The website also offers information about specific species and places that visitors may be interested in.


Children InternationalRazor-sharp focus

Children’s website is focused on one key proposition – sponsoring a child in need. It does this highly effectively by explaining why sponsoring is necessary and how sponsoring works, and by offering a search facility for visitors to find a child to sponsor in seconds.


Battersea – Simplicity

The animal rehoming charity’s website works because it keeps things simple. Aside from prominent orange “Rehome” and “Donate” buttons, it’s all about dogs and cats: information for people considering adopting one, and photos and profiles of pets “waiting to be loved.”


Prostate Cancer UKSupport for patients and families

The emphasis of this website is on providing support, and Prostate Cancer UK excels at this with an online community forum and a feature which lets visitors chat online with specialist nurses.


The MS SocietyCommunity feedback

The website aims to provide reliable information about an unpredictable condition and bring people together to share experiences. A panel of 150 people with MS helped shape the site and over 1,000 people provided feedback during its development, ensuring it delivers something of real value to the MS community.

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SamaritansEffective brand refresh

The charity’s new website is part of a wider brand refresh, aiming to be more accessible, easier to navigate, and appealing to a wider, younger audience than before. It includes a detailed guide on how to help someone who needs support, while still giving prominence to the key message that “We’re waiting for your call”.


RNLILatest launch information

Up-to-the-minute updates on the four most recent lifeboat launches drive home the non-profit organisation’s impact and the message that its services save lives every day, providing a compelling reason for visitors to donate.


Parkinson’s UKPowerful donation journeys

The charity has experienced significant growth in digital-led income as a result of a redesign of its donation journeys. It has improved the online donation experience including offering a wider range of payment options.

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