Facebook key to public understanding of fundraising

The Institute of Fundraising has found that the social media channel, along with TV news and family and friends are the major sources of information public receive about fundraising.

Joe Lepper | 11th Sep 19

Facebook has emerged as a key influential channel regarding fundraising issues, according to an Institute of Fundraising report.

Its What Does the Public Think About Fundraising report looked at attitudes to fundraising and found that 30% of the general public who had heard or saw something about charity donating had done so via Facebook.

This was the top rated channel by respondents, who listed National TV news (26%) and friends and relatives (25%) as their other major sources of information about fundraising.

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But overall just 7% of the pubic had heard about the fundraising profession.

Of these 55% had heard something positive and 26% had heard something negative.


Diversity issues

Diversity is another issue to emerge from the report. Just 53% of people think that fundraisers come from diverse backgrounds, with black respondents more likely to disagree.

Nearly one in two men think that fundraising “is not for people like me”, the report also found.

Regarding the role of fundraisers, 88% thought that being able to build relationships, engaging and influencing are important aspects of the job.

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Alex Xavier, Director of Professional Development at the IoF, said: “We want to encourage the broadest range of people, from across the UK, to think of fundraising as a career choice.

“The public are absolutely right in that fundraising is a profession where people can make a difference to society, but we need to think more about how we can demonstrate and showcase the career and skills development opportunities that fundraising can offer.”

The survey was carried out by YouGov. A second installment of the findings, looking at how people view a career in fundraising, will be made available later this month (23 September).