The who, what, why and how of cyber security for charities – Video

Our exclusive new video reveals the face of the NCSC for the first time in public, as he explains everything charities need to know about cyber security.

Chloe Green | 6th Sep 19

Funds, data and intellectual property – these are all valuable digital assets that charities have, that criminals and other malicious parties want. But as Cub Llewellyn-Davies, charity sector lead at the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) explains “44% of charities just don’t see themselves as at risk from cyber-attacks.”

You may remember Cub from our webinar ‘5 steps every charity should take to improve their cyber security’. He recently dropped into the Charity Digital News office to give us this great five minute overview of why charities are at risk from cyber attacks, what they need to be looking out for where they can go for help.

Watch the exclusive video below.