ACEVO revamps website to be ‘more like Michelle Obama’

The groups says it wants to convey an image more like the US’s former first lady Michelle Obama, than that of confrontational UK broadcast journalist Jeremy Paxman.

Joe Lepper | 2nd Sep 19
Image shows someone carrying Michelle Obama's autobiography with a sweatshirt saying 'empower like Michelle'- The new Acevo website aims at embodying the Michelle Obama persona.

Charity chief executive’s organisation ACEVO has overhauled its website as part of a brand refresh aimed at being more personal and less confrontational.

The website upgrades include making it more accessible and visually appealing to visitors. It has also been revamped to ensure it is fully integrated with ACEVO’s member database.

ACEVO is urging those in the sector to alert it to any technical glitches that emerge.

The upgrades have been carried out by Mark Bowley of Bowly Design and Ben Knowles of Digital Garden.

It is part of a rebrand, that features the replacement of the strapline “Charity Leaders Network” with “Imagine, Inspire, Improve”.


More Obama than Paxman

ACEVO Chief Executive Vicky Browning said the move is aimed at presenting an image that is more similar to the “personable” former US first lady Michelle Obama, and less like the confrontational style of broadcast journalist Jeremy Paxman.

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“Rethinking our strapline was one part of a whole rebranding process we’ve been working on over the past two years to move ACEVO from its old brand persona (think Jeremy Paxman: expert, confrontational, elitist) to the new (Michelle Obama: authentic, self-confident, personable),” said Browning in an online blog post.

“As well as refreshing our vision, we rearticulated our values: to be member-driven, connected, ambitious and honest.

“While the vision and values felt more Michelle, the visuals were still definitely Jeremy. So we’ve developed a brighter, cleaner, more confident look for ACEVO. We sharpened up the logo and agreed on mint green as the core brand colour, bringing a vibrant, clean and cheerful tone with a contrasting blue in support. And we’ve created a set of brand statements which showcase some of our key beliefs – that our network offers leadership worth sharing, that good leaders keep learning,  that we’re here to raise our members’ voices and bring leaders together.

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“The updated brand is most immediately brought to life in our new website, which also launches today.”

“The website is fully integrated with our member database making it more user-friendly, easier to access and visually more appealing. Of course, as with any web launch, our mantra is ‘always in beta’ so if you find any glitches do let us know.”

Recent lobbying by ACEVO has included ensuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson engages with the charity sector on policy matters.