Charity ‘sells’ children’s stab vests online

The Children’s Society has created pretend online store to highlight the challenges facing young people.

Joe Lepper | 29th Aug 19

The charity the Children’s Society has created a mock up online store and a pop-up shop to highlight the challenges facing young people and to raise funding.

Items highlighted on the website include a stab vest for young people to highlight their fears around crime.

This is being marketed as “This essential stab-proof vest fits children aged 11 to 18.”

“Wear it in or out of school to stop all but the most determined blades! When you ‘shop’ our child-sized stab vest your donation will help us support more young people to deal with their worries and fears in our pioneering, drop-in mental health services across the country.”

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The move has been taken to raise awareness of the findings of its 2019 Good Childhood Report, which is published annually and includes a survey of children’s sense of happiness.

Children’s Society chief executive Mark Russell, said: ‘This year’s report shows happiness in young people remains a significant issue and we hope that in bringing to life the very real and very shocking causes of this unhappiness, we can work with the British public to continue to drive change.”

The installations in the online store and central London temporary shop are designed to be hard hitting and “shine an uncompromising light on the harsh reality of being a youth in Britain today”, according to a Children’s Society statement.

The items are not for sale and the charity is also using the mock up online store’s products to encourage donations to help the charity support young people.

Cyberbullying phone cases

Another set of items are cyberbullying phone cases, which show messages revealing the challenges victims face.

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“These funky phone cases ensure that no matter how shattered or broken you feel, your mobile will always be in pristine condition,” says the charity’s online store.

Earlier this month the Children’s Society announced plans to overhaul its customer relationship management (CRM) system.