Popstar RayBLK helps charity’s music tech initiative

A charity’s music tech outreach bus is receiving a boost with a visit from popstsar RayBLK.

Joe Lepper | 23rd Aug 19

A charity’s music tech outreach bus is receiving a boost with a visit from popstsar RayBLK.

The Young Urban Arts Foundation (YUAF) has been spending this summer touring the UK with its Outreach Media Bus, which contains iMacs, mixers, sound boards and voice recording technology to help teach people sound production skills.

Through the initiative the charity aims to steer young people away from crime and raise their confidence and aspirations.

This week RayBLK, who won the BBC’s Sound of 2017 award and nominated for a MOBO Award, is helping to deliver creative sessions on the bus.

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RAyBLK, real name Rita Ekwere was born in Nigeria and grew up in Catford, London.

“The youth are the future so we have to give them enough attention and support, so that they don’t make the same mistakes as the generation before,” said RayBLK.

“This is especially important in underprivileged areas, and why it’s important to me. I come from the same background as these kids.”

Changing perceptions

YUAF Chief Executive, Kerry O’Brien, added: “The holiday periods and after school hours are when young people are most at risk. Having our media bus enables us to really make a difference on the ground.

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“We want to change the perceptions and labels of the younger generation. What is not being highlighted enough is that any young person, victim or perpetrator in serious violence, are all traumatised in some way, or living in fear. There are not enough support services addressing these issues. The key to change, is supporting them to improve and address their mental wellbeing. This is the root, there is not enough help and far too much profiling.”

To date, YUAF has helped more than 17,500 young people.