TikTok raising funds for Blue Cross through pet video campaign

The partnership sees the social media app donate £1 to animal charity Blue Cross for every pet video shared through the campaign.

Joe Lepper | 22nd Aug 19

Social media video app TikTok has linked up with the animal charity Blue Cross in a video sharing fundraising campaign.

This week TikTok is running the #PEtBFF campaign which invites people to create and share videos of their pets.

Each video that is uploaded sees TikTok donate £1 to Blue Cross, which looks after sick and vulnerable pets. The campaign runs until 23 August.

Nation of animal lovers

“The UK is a nation of animal lovers, and our community is no different. We’re thrilled to be able to support the wonderful work of Blue Cross with this challenge – and are excited to see the incredible animals that our amazing community has at home“, said Richard Waterworth, Head of Marketing at TikTok Europe.

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Ezinda Franklin-Houtzager, Head of Digital Marketing at Blue Cross added: “We’re delighted to be teaming up with TikTok for their exciting #PetBFF project. We know that pets change the lives of people of all ages and this partnership gives us the chance to connect with younger pet owners. We hope lots of people take part and enjoy sharing videos of our #PetBFFs!”.

TikTok has also worked with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the US on a similar campaign, which has seen the social media app donate $1 to charity for each pet themed video uploaded.

In April, TikTok partnered with tech industry led not-for-profit group Internet Matters on a campaign to keep families safe. This looked at issues including online peer pressure and ‘digital wellbeing’.

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