Instagram influencers’ biggest charity donations revealed

The marketing agency Blueclaw has calculated the biggest and most notable donations from Instagram’s most followed celebrities, such as Ariana Grande.

Joe Lepper | 19th Aug 19

The biggest charitable donations among Instagram’s most influential celebrities have been revealed.

The Celebrity Spend Comparison report has looked at the most followed influencers on the social media platform, who in total enabled charities to receive £29,581,450.

Among the top donors are the footballer Christiano Ronaldo and singer Ariana Grande.

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The research shows that Ronaldo has 176m Instagram followers and donated £1,204,400 to support children in Palestine, while Grande’s 160m Instragram followers helped raise £19,672,400 for her One Love Manchester concert, to support victims of the May 22 terror attack.

Others include Selena Gomez, who raised £802,860 for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The singer, actress and producer has 153m Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, actor Dwayne Johnson (150m Instagram followers) raised £1,605,900 for the University of Miami.


Communicating with celebrities

A statement from Celebrity Spend Comparison compilers Blueclaw said: “Donations from such influencers do not only help improve the quality and services of chosen charities but also help maximise exposure and reach.

“Although it’s not always possible to get such huge influencers to support a non-profit organisation, it’s important for charities of all sizes to consider using influencers to help promote a cause. This includes reaching out to well-known people, advocates and celebrities local to the area.”

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Marketing agency Blueclaw also urges charitities to make sure influencers are relevant and have a genuine interest in a cause. When communicating with influencers do not ask for a specific amount and make sure you thank them for the exposure they provide, adds the advice.

It continues, where possible charities should consider influencers’ wider connections for extra promotion and try to build long lasting relationships for future campaigning.

Earlier this month the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that they are dedicating their Instagram page, which has 9.3m followers, to charities. During August they are only following a small group of lesser known charities.