Amazon to help third party sellers donate goods to charities

The online retailer has unveiled details of a new scheme whereby third party sellers can donate unsold goods to charities in the UK and US.

Joe Lepper | 19th Aug 19
Image of Amazon Alexa

Online retailing giant Amazon is to launch a new scheme to allow third-party sellers to donate unsold items to charities.

The Fulfillment by Amazon Donations (FBA Donations) programme begins in September when Amazon will start donating products from sellers to charities in the UK and US.

The UK side of the programme sees Amazon link up with voluntary sector bodies including disabled children’s charity Newlife, Salvation Army and Barnardo’s. Meanwhile, in the US the online retailer is working with philanthropy organisation Good360, which partners with retailers and other businesses to distribute products to those in need.

The programme is the latest good causes initiative by Amazon, which already donates Amazon retail products to charities.

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“Amazon is excited to share that we are launching Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Donations, a new program where eligible excess and returned products from sellers using FBA will be made available to charitable organizations,” said an Amazon statement.

“Amazon will start donating products from sellers starting this September in the U.S. and UK, providing helpful items to people in need. Amazon works with charity partners and manages logistics to streamline the donation process for independent sellers.”

“We know getting products into the hands of those who need them transforms lives and strengthens local communities,” added Alice Shobe, Director, Amazon in the Community.

“We are delighted to extend this program to sellers who use our fulfillment services.”

Amazon Alexa link ups

Already a number of charity sector organisations are using Amazon’s Alexa voice enabled device to communicate with supporters and encourage donations.

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In March, Charity Digital News reported that Cancer Research UK is using its news app on Amazon Alexa to test the potential popularity of voice enabled devices.

Also, in December last year the NSPCC revealed it is using goDonate Voice, an off the shelf product to enable people to donate via Alexa, while Breast Cancer Care also linked up with Amazon Alexa to help with their digital campaigning last year.